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Click [Multiple Reviews]

We gave out a lot of copies of Click by Bill Tancer during the Mini Book Expo: Business Edition. And now we're getting a lot of excellent, thoughtful reviews!

To avoid clogging your inbox or RSS readers with multiple reviews of the same book, we decided we'd compile the latest ones here for easy access. Enjoy!

Click is right up Mhairi's
alley; as a click enthusiast herself, Mhairi recommends Tancer 's book 
to anyone interested in "data mining" and its relevance for marketers. Read Mhairi's review…

Click doesn't quite push all the right buttons for Josh, but he believes it to be a dataphile's wet dream. Read Josh's review

Sheri appreciates Bill Tancer's humour and passion for data in Click, but would have liked a little more personal content about the research and less publicity for Tancer's company.Read Sheri's review

Laura was not a fan of Click: There
is very little delivered in the way of interesting, insightful
material. The potential is there, but it does not appear that Tancer
has taken care to arrange the information in a way that is helpful to
the reader.
Read Laura's review

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  1. Mhairi Petrovic
    Mhairi Petrovic December 9, 2008

    I found this book really valuable and am still referring back to it and quoting from it 3 months on.
    Thanks for the mention!

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