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Holiday eCards and Microsite Roundup 2008

Album Cover - Songs for Gay DogsIt's that time of year: snow, eggnog, tinsel and seasonal digital greetings.  I've collected a number of holiday cards and microsites for your time-wasting pleasure:

Peter "The Mose" Mosley, our most cantankerous contributor here at One Degree, pulled together a collection of vintage album covers and jackets from books you shouldn't read your kids in his annual holiday card.

iStudio has released a new version of last year's popular "Do Not Want Ads".  Visit the site and you can select your favourite despised gift with the possibility of having it sent to you!  The iStudio team really goes to town on these – there is some exceptionally craptastic gift options.  Plus their copy is fun to read.  I was lucky and got my "do not want" gift sent directly to my door :)  Thanks Ed, Brandy and crew!  And oh my, that is the saddest gingerbread man 🙁

iStudio's Do Not Want holiday ads

Virgin Mobile created a video from Mrs. Claus where she shares some of the trials and tribulations of living with Saint Nick at this time of year.

BC Hydro has brought back their fun animated holiday card where visitors can drop a coin into an animatronic Christmas tree scene. Each coin dropped adds to the donation that BC Hydro is making to the BC Children's Hospital.

BC Hydro Holiday Card

Finally, Corbis Creative has created a very disturbing Build-a-Holiday-Monster activity.  See what happens when folks who work in stock photography have a little too much eggnog. 


Any fun holiday ecards or sites that you've found?  Share them in the comments!


  1. Wil Arndt
    Wil Arndt December 16, 2008

    Nice one, Kirk. The guys at our design studio made this odd e-card to share with our clients, but expanded it to allow anyone else to add their own photo to the “jumbotron” and a personal message to a friend. Pretty old-skool, but a fun way to waste 2 minutes:

  2. Joann
    Joann December 18, 2008

    Love the Corbis one – reat fun! Here’s a good one from Aldo… send a wish crystallized in a snowflake:

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