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Pluck On Demand – Bill Sweetman's 2008 Favourite Thing

Launched last month, Pluck On Demand is a free service that helps Web publishers increase traffic to their sites through the addition of relevant content and social media interactions.


Within minutes of adding one or a series of Pluck On Demand widgets to their Website, publishers can add hundreds of pages of relevant content, including articles and videos, to their Website, as well as weave in a set of social media tools. The widgets automatically interpret the existing content on a page and then generate a list of links to contextually relevant articles and videos provided by a network of content providers.

What's most impressive is that these full articles and videos are displayed within the publisher's site as opposed to linking away to a third-party Website.

I've been piloting this service on one of my sites and have already seen a 10% increase in traffic that I can directly attribute to Pluck On Demand. And that's without taking advantage of any of the social media widgets!

For more details on how it works, check out the Pluck On Demand promo video:

Add content and social media to any website — powered by Pluck On Demand

Bill blogs at Sweetmantra. His most popular post this year was 10 Facebook Tips for Professionals. If only Blitzen had read Bill's Facebook tips before he posted those pictures from this year's Christmas party…