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PodCamp, PAB and Podcasting – Eden Spodek's 2008 Favourites

When Kate asked me to share one of my favourite things with you, I agreed without hesitation. Then I stepped back and realized that I have a lot of favourites this year but narrowed it down to what's made the biggest difference – the 3Ps:

  • PodCamp
  • Podcasters Across Borders (PAB), and
  • Podcasting

Why? Three reasons:

  •  Professional development
  • Community
  • They're free or almost free (What other 3-day conference other than PAB has a $120 registration fee?)

PodCamps attract an eclectic group of people passionate about podcasting and other forms of social media. As for the attendees, some are professionals, some are hobbyists and others are podcurious. PAB provided the most incredible sense of community I've ever experienced at event.

As for me, I had no intention of starting a podcast. Little did I know when I started helping out with PodCamp Toronto, I'd end up co-hosting Community Divas six months later.  

If you're thinking about taking the podcasting plunge or are just curious about whether podcasting is right for you or your business, think about attending one of these upcoming PodCamps:

PodCamp Halifax – Jan. 25, 2009
PodCamp Toronto – Feb. 21 & 22, 2009
PAB – June 19-21, 2009 early registration is now until Dec. 31

(Full disclosure: I was on the organizing team for PodCamp Toronto 2008 and I'm staying on for 2009).

Eden blogs at Bargainista. Her most popular post this year was How Do You Manage Your Personal Brand? and includes a photo of a young man who's definitely getting into the holiday spirit.

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