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Wassup, Jeep Liberty and SuperHeros – Monica Hamburg's 2008 Favourites

"Wassup 2008"

Wassup - Election 08

Simply put: “Wow”. This video, which aired before the US election, reunited the Wassup guys from the original Budweiser ads and let us in on their lives 8 years later. It has over 5 million views (!) on YouTube alone. Although there were many cool videos that appeared during “Decision 2008” (including the ubiquitous (and inspiring) “Yes We Can”.  The Wassup short is my pic for best of the year. It’s clever, funny, touching and makes me very, very happy the election turned out the way it did.

Jeep Liberty "Pouring In" Commercial

Jeep Liberty Pouring In Commercial

Given that I don’t own a television, when something appears on the web it’s “new to me”. So this Jeep Liberty "Pouring In" Commercial (2007), which made its way through the webosphere at the end of last year and though this year, is still on my faves list (and plays in my cave frequently). Now, I can count on one hand how many car commercials I actually like, let alone want to see a second time, but I actually shed a tear when I see this ad (and it’s not even for the environment!) Really – how many commercials actually have people saying: “I love this ad. I would buy the video if I could…"Uh, Ad WIN.

Kodak’s "Make Me Super!"

Make Me Super

I discovered this – where you can make yourself into a super hero on my friend’s blog and thought it was simply adorable.In fact, I had to make one for my boyfriend.

Some concerns, however:

  1. I’m not sure why a super hero gal can only be blonde. (And I’ll be writing my 60-page manifesto against that somewhere else).
  2. The site would be somewhat better if the song could be more tailored (perhaps with text about the person that the user could input) as after repeated listening, the cute song does grow tiresome. (While
    Snakes on a Plane certainly sucked little green snakes, they did have a fairly personalized aspect
    to the "call" one could get from Samuel L. Jackson, and Kodak could be doing something similar with this.)

Monica blogs at Me Like the Interweb. Her most popular post this year was her series on Crowdsourcing 101.  Santa has bookmarked it and is considering making his workshop a crowdsourced venture.