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More 2008 Holiday eCards

Ha!  I knew once I posted the first one, I'd get some more submissions 🙂

Twist Image created a fun video riff on It's a Wonderful Life, highlighting all their clients over the year.

Youthography made a mix tape

MixwitMixwit make a mixtapeMixwit mixtapes

Mighty offers a Then & Now holiday site of their staff – you can rate each team member with reindeers!


giantAntMedia has a festive video holiday card in their grand video tradition.

Brainstorm combined charitable giving with staff holiday memories into an awesome animatronic Christmas whizbang thingamajig.


Critical Mass created snowflakes of inspiration coupled with their support of the Clinton Foundation.


mod7 offer a nutcracker rock band that you can send to a friend (with personalized jumbotron) for maximum Christmas cheer.


Sympatico MSN has a Portable North Pole – direct communication with Santa!


Many thanks to the folks who left comments in the first post and shared some of these finds with us!!

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  1. Bobby
    Bobby December 23, 2008

    Here’s ours

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