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Resolution Edition – January 4, 2009 Week in Review

We don't like to make too many resolutions over here at OneDegree.  But for 2009, we've made one – revive (and grow) the Week in Review posts.  And we've recruited some help!  Starting next week, we'll  have guest curators for some of our WIR posts – to give you different perspectives on the digital marketing and social media space.  We'll still do the stats and sponsors, but our guest curators will choose the news, blog posts and other miscellany to share.  Stay tuned!

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Press Release Roundup

  • CBC's Fortune Hunter is starting its second season, starting the year off right with a Ukranian vodka entrepreneur!  In addition to airing on CBC Newsworld, episodes are streamed on CBC.  There is also a contest that runs along with the show with prizes of subscriptions of Profit Magazine and several business books.
  • Delvinia Interactive apparently had some great results from a program they developed for the town of Markham, Ontario.  Called Quest for the Best, the contest used digital mediums to solicit feedback from Markham youth about making the town a greener place. In less than two months, more than 2,000 submissions were received from the youth market, often touted as a tough-to-reach demographic. (Open plea to all PR people who send me a press release: please put your press releases on your client's site BEFORE you send them to me so I can link to them.)
  • Both CES and MacWorld happened this week.  Apparently both have been snooze fests.  Steve Jobs wasn't at MacWorld and the only thing that has saved CES is Sony and Tom Hanks.


This Week's Video

BC Hydro has launched a series of funny videos on YouTube that promote their newly overhauled, conservation-oriented website. Extra bonus: they star Kids in the Hall alum Kevin McDonald in various wildlife guises.