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The Red Rubber Ball at Work [Kate and Sam's Reviews]

Red Rubber Ball at Work
Sam and Kate were both charmed by Kevin Carroll's The Red Rubber Ball at Work.

Sam enjoyed the sense of the play (and the quick read):

Red Rubber Ball at Work is a sweet little read that evokes memories
of childhood and makes the reader crave a workplace that she enjoyed as
much as the people profiled in the book.  It’s a quick, snippety read
which is heavily anecdotal but one which allows the reader to feel as
though they are reading a particularly astute advice column. 

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And Kate was inspired by the stories of innovation and by the design of the book itself:

Building on the success of his Rules of the Red Rubber Ball, Carroll's The Red Rubber Ball at Work is a collection of biographic vignettes.  Subjects include people like Seth Godin, Irene Au of Google, Duff Goldman of Charm City Cakes, Majora Carter (oh, talk about inspiration – watch Majora at TED in 2006.  Amazing!!) and Vicki Phillips of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
Each vignette describes both a childhood moment at play that
crystallized a key idea or philosophy and then the subject's current
vocation and how they bring this playful attitude to the work

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