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On Dating and Data: January 12, 2009 Week in Review

Questions that Searchers Were Hoping We Could Answer this Week

I often put our most popular links for the week here – but this week they were pretty much a repeat of what we posted, so I browsed through our keywords.  These were the burning questions this week.  My fav is the last one – that's what marketing is really all about.

  • How do you address the 4P's in the service industry
  • How do you buy a domain from someone
  • How to buy advertising on iTunes
  • How to do a hard launch
  • How to optimize my web routine
  • How to convince a customer to buy

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This week's WIR curator is Leona Hobbs. She tumbles at tumbleona.

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This Week's Video Meme

Chrysler Cordoba TV Commercial with Ricardo Montalban from 1975. RIP Mr. Montalban.