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Optimize Your Landing Page's Submit Box to Boost Conversions

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  1. Corby Fine
    Corby Fine January 28, 2009

    Thanks for the tips, what do you think about confirmation emails instead of confirmation fields?

  2. Simon
    Simon January 30, 2009

    Good question, Corby.
    When we’re just getting people to sign up for email lists, we usually encourage clients to use a personable confirmation email that welcomes subscribers to the email list. Just a “Welcome to our list” type of email, which can also allow the recipient to unsubscribe if they received the email in error. We can always clean unsubscribes and bounces when scrubbing email lists after every send.
    When we’re getting people to sign up for actual accounts, which can contain sensitive information, we usually encourage a double opt-in. That ensures that people have signed up with an email address to which they have access, which can be essential for password retrieval and so forth.
    One trick for ensuring (and encouraging) people to enter a correct email address and to whitelist your address is to SEND SOMETHING VALUABLE IN THE CONFIRMATION EMAIL. For example, we send our e-book by email when people request it, rather than just redirecting them to a page where they can download the book. (We send it as an attachment, but we could also just send a link.)
    Hope that all made sense. And by the way, I think that lunch we postponed a few months ago is long overdue!

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