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Industry Announcements from the CIAIC and the IAB

The Canadian Interactive Alliance wants to build a complete profile of Canada's interactive media industry, including all companies in Canada that work in or service the interactive media industry, either completely or partially. To that end, they have created the Canadian Interactive Industry Profile (CIIP):

The 2008 Canadian Interactive Industry Profile (CIIP) will assist the CIAIC in strengthening the Canadian interactive industry by increasing investment and partnering opportunities and improving the business climate for interactive media. Since the interactive industry is not routinely tracked by government agencies such as Statistics Canada, it is up to the industry to produce a comprehensive economic and operational profile to present to relevant decision makers.

The questions in the 2008 CIIP survey should be completed by company principals in a position to comment on overall operations of their company (CEO, CFO, COO, etc.). The survey asks for detailed financial and staffing information needed to form an inclusive profile of the industry.

Visit the CIAIC's site to start the survey. Deadline is Friday, Jan 30, 2009.

The Interactive Advertising Bureau of Canada is creating a Tripartie Industry Committee on Online Audience Measurement in Canada. They are looking for Agency, Advertiser and Online Publisher Research professionals, as well as Media Buying, Planning and Sales "super users" of comScore Media Metrix (and other Online audience measurement tools).

Immediate goals of the committee:

  • Conducting a gap analysis between the Ultimate Audience Measurement "Wish List" developed by stakeholders at IAB Canada's Dec. 10, 2008 Industry Forum and the current offering from comScore Media Metrix, in order to identify short-, medium- and long-term industry initiatives going forward;
  • Developing official, Tripartite Industry Positions, Submissions and Requirements for Online Audience Measurement Vendors in Canada (comScore Media Metrix for now), re:
    • Increased Transparency in Methodology
      o Auditability Of Methodology
    • Increased Data Segmentation and Granularity
    • Tool and Interface Upgrades
  • Evaluation, Applicability and Approval of IAB U.S. Audience Measurement Guidelines for the Canadian Market.

Visit IABCanada's site for more info including how to join the committee.