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Camp Season: January 26, 2009 Week in Review

Popular On One Degree This Week

Rob Cottingham‘s Noise to Signal cartoons were quite popular this week – perhaps people need a pick-me-up in this economic climate?  These were the N2S’s that folks used to tickle their funnybone:

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This week’s WIR curator is Eden Spodek. Eden has her fingers in several social media pies, but is perhaps best known for blogging at

Seen Around the Blogosphere
Three camps in two different cities with Atlantic Canada finally making a splash on the national social media landscape…

Heard on Twitter

Interesting Bookmarks from the Backchannel

Releases, Announcements and News
What are all the fashionable women are wearing at camp this year? Why the HP Mini Vivienne Tam Edition, the World’s First Digital Clutch of course!

This Week’s Audio Meme

This Week’s Video Meme