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Month: January 2009

Son of Tweets and Twits – Part Deux — The Sequel

Twitterholic top 100

Well this did it for me. I have been on Twitter – I guess since about Day One. Real early. Never really saw the value. Now I definitely don't.

Neither do any of you Canucks out there by the looks of it.

There are two Canadians in the Top 100 – A cute broadcasting Gal (Amber, I think.)  I wasn't following her – the following cute girls makes me feel weird. Oh, and a Rob – who has a Blog directory. I was following him – but he didn't notice me. So all is cool!

What does this show?

  1. We Canadians are a different sort. We don't do this self-promoting stuff very well. Even the classic self-promoters in Canada suck at this. I know we try, and for the record, God Bless all the little brainiacs out there in The Great White North trying to make a living being experts – but ya still aren't celebs. Paris, Britney and any one of the Jonas Brothers are way ahead. And so are the Top 100 Tweeters.
  2. We are Canadians – who should really give a shit what we think anyway? There are only like 30 million of us? We are like a weird Ohio – with two languages.
  3. No right minded Canadian would stoop to be the "King-O-tweets" Why she asks? 'Cause it is silly. Full stop. Canadians have – whether you like it or not – manners. Torontonians not so much obviously. Toronto is the Twitter capital of Canada – and as Canadians we are up there Twittering – but we sadly are not that glamorous (except Amber) nor exciting. I was going to give an exception – but there isn't one.
  4. The folks in the Top 100  – and I scanned a bunch that I wasn't following – are just not real-world credible. Sorry. Yes, you are prolly wonderful folks. You are prolly terrific people. But you have no credentials. Have you worked anywhere? Have you done anything? Not that I can see. Publishing a Blog ain't the same as being published.  Malcolm Gladwell – I consider an expert. Joe(sephine) Schmoe publishing stolen shit from all over the Net on how to be successful? Nyet.

Just cause ya have a Blog – doesn't make you credible.