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Meltdowns, Monitizaton and Monks. The week in review: Friday the 13th edition, February 2009

New Contributors This Week

We have two new contributors this week:  Chris McGrath who brought us the Penn State intranet case study and Brad Grier who debuts by curating this week's WIR post.  Welcome to both of you!

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This week's WIR curator is Brad Grier. He blogs at and tweets up a storm as @bgrier.

Seen Around the Blogosphere

  • Excel Data Mining: Measuring Customer Support Costs –a somewhat technical article about using Excel to calculate and measure the cost of providing customer support. Another way of thinking of it, is how much is it worth it to you to engage that customer to keep them, vs finding a new one. Excel is your friend.
  • Planning a website redesign? Great, but what about the meat and potatoes…the content? It's great if it 'looks purty', but if there's nothing for Google to crawl other than old content from a previous version, you may be doing more harm than good.
  • Twitter Tips: one of the best Twitter resources on the planet. Frequency: Daily or more. I discovered this site this week and have thoroughly enjoyed the sage content.
  • If you're still uncertain if Twitter is right for your organization's marketing activities, maybe it's time to Hedge Your Bets. Neville Hobson thinks so in this interesting item that includes an amazing number of references.
  • Great site: Marketing Charts. Scary Numbers: Failing Economy Shutters 525 Magazines in 2008

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