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Five Tips for Fast and Easy DIY Headlines

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  1. VVI4
    VVI4 February 24, 2009

    These tips are perfect if you’re looking to write a bunch of forgettable cliches. Anybody who follows any of these tips will come up with garbage.
    With a proper strategy, writers should be able to come up with an engaging, original thought.
    If a writer can’t do so, then he/she is a poor writer and should stop uglifying the advertising landscape with tired dreck.
    Writing good headlines is incredibly difficult. That’s why 90% of the headlines out there are crap.
    These tips do nothing but encourage more of that crap.

  2. Simon Smith
    Simon Smith February 24, 2009

    VVI4, thanks for your feedback. As all successful marketers like you know, the trick is to IMITATE and then INNOVATE. Every good copywriter has a swipe file. This is simply a swipe file starter kit. From here, people can innovate, and testing separates the cream from the crap. “Unexpectedness” (the opposite of a cliche) is just one variable in a successful headline; but sad as it may be, nearly 100 years of testing shows that humans respond to a handful of definable triggers. Like notes on a piano, the key is to use these triggers in innovative, interesting, engaging ways.

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