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Month: March 2009

A Candid Chat with The Globe and Mail’s Social Media Evangelist Mathew Ingram – Part 1

Mathew Ingram - Photo by Rannie Turingan
Mathew Ingram, Communities Editor at The Globe and Mail, has been relentless in spreading the word about how the newspaper is using social media to engage its readers. He is very passionate about reaching readers through social media and getting more of the Globe’s journalists on the social media bandwagon.

At the Third Tuesday Toronto event last week, I chatted with Mathew after his presentation, "How The Globe and Mail is using social media to connect with its readers". It was a repeat performance for those who attended his seminar at PodCamp Toronto 2009. You can watch Mathew’s presentation from PodCamp here as well as download his slides. His Globe blog, Ingram 2.0, also provides more information about what they are doing with social media.

This post is one of a two-part series about the after-presentation discussion that took place with Mathew.

The more things change, the more they stay the same?
Mathew compared the Globe’s brand to a record label. Artists develop their own personality under a label; the label promotes them and helps to make them who there are. The artists can then leave and go to another label or go independent. It’s the same at the Globe. You have journalists that people like because of their talent and the personality evident in their articles – Christie Blatchford, for example. The Globe is the medium that helps them to get their following of readers. But, they can easily leave the Globe and go independent or to another newspaper.

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