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OneDegree's Twitterstream Gets New Editors and a New Username

OneDegree has been twittering for a while as @onedegreeideas – we've mainly been re-posting our blog posts and putting out calls for conference correspondents.

But that all changes today!

First, we have a new handle – @onedegree  So, if you're following us at the old account, please follow the new one.  And if you aren't tweeting yet, here's a good reason to join .. our new editors!

I'm delighted to annouce that Liz Hover and Corby Fine are our new Twitter editors!  You can read a bit more about Liz and Corby on our twitter welcome page.  And then tweet them a friendly hello!

By the way, we still have room for a few more Twitter editors on the team.  In particular, we're looking for folks from the East Coast, Montreal, Calgary or Edmonton and Vancouver.  Our hope is to get more local coverage of events, announcements and news.  Send me an email kate at onedegree dot ca if you're interested!