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Celebrating with the Irish on eBay – Happy St. Patrick's

Sometimes you find marketing insights in the weirdest places.  Most recently, thanks to eagle-eye consultant Nazia from Environics, I've discovered it on eBay.  Similar to what she discovered about pre-Valentine's trends on eBay, Nazia has shared with us some of the more creative items and tidbits for St. Patrick's Day.  Marketers, take note – next year's hot item might be below …

  • There are 5,629 listings for St. Patrick’s Day – collectables are the most popular category (1,333 listings).
  • Can you believe that “Disneyana” is the 3rd most popular collectable category (when searching St. Patrick’s Day)? Good old Walt has branded a bunch of merch like golf balls, pins, mouse ears, antennae toppers and more.
  • Keeping with St. Paddy’s tradition, you can buy Reichhart's Shamrock Ale beer bottle label from 1934 (sorry, beer’s all gone!) for a refreshing $12.23 (current bid).
  • One of the least expensive St. Patrick’s Day listing: Sexy St.Patrick's Irish Shamrock Pantyhose Nylons ($1.26 currently) – What, you don’t WANT green shamrocks on your leg?  Crazy! 😉
  • How about a bangle that’s said to be haunted by a Dijnn. The sales pitch you ask: “This St Patrick's Day Djinn will be bound to your name before it leaves the work shop – meaning you don't have to waste time with complicated bonding rituals!”  Riiiight, ‘cause a complicated bonding ritual is the only thing preventing me from my very own Dijnn.
  • I must admit, this is pretty creative. Marketing 101, too – take an existing product and repackage it. [eeewwww .. ed]

Thanks, Nazia, for sharing these weird finds on eBay – I can only imagine what will be there for Easter 🙂

Happy St. Patrick's Day, everyone. Erin Go Bragh