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Short Attention Span Edition – March 20, 2009 Week In Review

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This week's WIR curator is Leona Hobbs. She tumbles at tumbleona.

The latest in web services

  • (via NewTeeVee) March Madness airs live on YouTube. I guess I'm old school because I'm watching the NCAA Championships on HDTV as I compile this Week in Review for y'all.
  • (via ReadWriteWeb) Streamy is the new hotness in social media aggregation. Here come the desktop clients that aggregate all your social networks.
  • (via Mashable) Twitter grows 1,382 percent year-over-year and is up to 7 million unique visitors (Feb. 09)
  • (via Micro Persuasion) Steve Rubel says Twitter is peaking.

From the OneDegree Blogroll

This week's video meme

Kill Bill Parts 1 &2, In One Minute, In One Take (and titles)

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