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Tuesday Tweetfest – April 14, 2009

  • That whining sound you hear is the death wheeze of newspapers: (RT via @lizhover) (LH) #
  • FriendFeed is in danger of becoming the coolest app no one uses: (RT via @lizhover) (LH) #
  • Dairy Farmers of Canada launch 'The Great Canadian Moo' ad campaign using social moodia (via @lizhover) (LH) #
  • Social networking site traffic grows (for some) | The Multitasker (CF) #
  • Latest findings about online ads. How we love the lowly rectangle. Celebrate 300 x 250: (LH) #
  • See – we still have a future! Online Advertising Pushes Through – eMarketer (CF) #
  • National Post links print to mobile (LH) #
  • Media insiders say Internet hurts media insiders, according to insidery survey (RT via @lizhover) (LH) #
  • The Death of Consumer Segmentation? – Advertising Age – CMO Strategy (CF) #
  • Spending in a Downturn Pays Off, Studies Suggest – DealBook Blog – (CF) #