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Health Council of Canada uses Social Media to Promote e-only Report on Team Health Care

Health Council of Canada - Health Care Teams Report Today, the Health Council of Canada released a report on collaborative health care teams (pdf) and how they are a better health care choice for Canadians with chronic conditions rather than only receiving care from a family doctor.  The press release has the overview of the report and some success facts about team-based care.

Now, this is absolutely interesting in and of itself, but in talking with Gursharn Kandola, who is responsible for eCommunciations and Social Media for HCC, I discovered that they are releasing the report as an e-report only in an attempt to be more environmentally friendly.  And they are using social media channels to get the word out.

I, of course, (heart) this.

The Health Council of Canada (fyi … Funded by the Government of Canada, the Council reports to the Canadian public and operates as a non-profit agency) are currently using a number of social media channels:

Yay, HCC!

And, if you're a Canadian, don't forget to download the report on team-based health care.  In particular, I love the provincial success stories they include – health-care teams may look different across the country, but they are all achieving great results for their patients!