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The one where Internet staples leave us hanging – May 15, 2009 Week in Review

We have a new contributor this week: Paul Bleier makes his debut with his post: Trust Me, Social Media is Here to Stay!. Welcome, Paul!

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And finally, hope you all have a fabulous Victoria Day Weekend! Remember that drinking and boating injures 8% of marketers every year – be safe out there!

This week's WIR curator is Ben Boudreau. Ben is a 20-something social media addict representing OneDegree on the east coast while blogging and tweeting his way through life.

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@spidervideo: #podcampHFX prep chat has begun thanks to @RyanDeschamps @jonmcginley and @bboudreau

@mynameiskate: Dear Twitter: pls make my life complete & include bios in your fancy new follower notification emails. Some of us aren't just #'s oriented.

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With Susan Boyle out of the way, the internet seems to be returning quite happily to its world of things going wrong and people who complain about it. Too cynical? Check the facts:

1) Twitter scheduled a planned outage for updates. And you know what? We were cool with that since they gave us the pretty rad notification emails – now with actual details about new followers! And fiber!

But when the outage was lifted and the new restrictions on how @user messages are viewed became clear…well…let’s just say that people were not impressed. On the plus side, they came up with rather creative solutions

2) If a Twitter-free world weren’t frightening enough, imagine Google leaving us without instant knowledge! Scary, right? Oh wait – that TOTALLY happened. What’s this world coming to?

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