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Looking for Social Media Case Studies?

A colleague of mine (and OneDegree reader!) just emailed me asking about some good social media case studies, preferably Canadian.  I realised that if he is asking, then some others of you might be interested as well.

For Canadian case studies, the inimitable David Jones (@DoctorJones) started a wiki of Web 2.0 and social media examples. In true wiki fashion, examples, links and write-ups are captured by the community; includes examples of both English and French work.

Jones' wiki was inspired by Peter Kim and his Wiki of Social Media Marketing examples.  A list of examples that can be filtered by industry, country and type of social media, Kim's wiki has now expanded to three wikis and contains links to over 1000 examples of social media marketing.

Wikis are only as good as the community that provides the content, so if you have an example, I encourage you to enter it into the wiki.  Be aware though, it's not just a place for for agencies to toot their own horns – so, you know, add value.  The Mountain Equipment Co-op's Big Wild case study page is a great example to follow.