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Manoj Jasra from Shaw Communications on Web Analytics Attribution Strategy at eMetrics Toronto 2009

At the recent eMetrics conference in Toronto, I asked Manoj Jasra, Senior Analyst and Business Specialist at Shaw Communications and author of the popular blog Web Analytics World, to share his thoughts about the importance and benefits of an attribution strategy in a marketer's web analytics tool kit. First though, I asked Manoj for a definition of attribution. He says …

Attribution is defined as the method of assigning credit to different channels (Paid Search, Emails, Banner Ads, etc…).  It is important to implement an attribution strategy into your web analytics process so that you can better understand the performance of each of these channels and assign your marketing dollars appropriately.  There are numerous web analytics solutions available which allow you to implement attribution allowing you see online sales passed "Bookmarks" or "Direct Traffic".

In the interview, Manoj discusses the benefits of using attribution and how to get started.

For more information, you can check out Manoj's presentation on Campaign Attribution at eMetrics Toronto.