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Wednesday Tweetfest – June 3, 2009

What our Twitter team has been tweeting recently …

  • One Tweet over the line: Is there such a thing as overuse of social networking tools? (LH) #
  • Search engines attract a much larger share of visits in Canada than in the US or UK. Hitwise. (RT @bashley) (LH) #
  • Microsoft's 'Bing' is no Google killer, reviewers say: (LH) #
  • Nine worst social media fails of 2009… thus far (LH) #
  • Is Google Wave 'the email of the future?' (LH) #
  • Survey shows sparse viewership for repurposed TV online (LH) #
  • AdAge's Women to Watch in 09 (via @somisguided) #
  • Ooh! Interesting: Is Twitter dominated by men? (via @guardiantech) (LH) #
  • Twitter's work-life balance tips (BusinessWeek) (via @sweetCupcake) (LH) #
  • How to use Twitter in the classroom [VIDEO] (LH) #
  • From a galaxy far, far away, Star Wars embraces social media (LH) #
  • AJR: Is Twitter an effective journalism tool? (LH) #
  • 10% of Twitter users account for 90% of Twitter activity (LH) #