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Green with Envy – June 19, 2009 Week in Review

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New Contributors This Week
We have two new contributors this week:  David Offierski and Bart Molenda.  Both David and Bart (along with An Nguyen) covered events for us this week.  We posted some of the interviews and videos earlier,  and have several more scheduled next week.

This week's WIR curator is Eden Spodek. Eden has her fingers in several social media pies, but is perhaps best known for blogging at

There was a phenomenal amount of news around the blogosphere this
week. Describing the subject matter as diverse would be an
understatement but there was a common thread. Most of it centred around
people wanting something they haven’t got.

Not necessarily in chronological order…

Facebook was first up. If you’re reading this, you must be one of the 56% of Canadians with a social media profile but did you manage to snag your vanity URL? Some of us had an easier time than others. What about protecting your company’s online brand?

What’s with all those green avatars on Twitter? Read more about the impact of social media on international politics.

Did you remember to update your iPhone 3G and iPod Touch? I don’t know about you but I’m loving the copy/paste feature. Perhaps you were one of those eager people who stood in line for hours to buy a iPhone 3Gs, or not.

And on a final note or this week’s video meme, poor Zack Johnson woke up from a dream only to learn he had found his feminine side.