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Interview with Mike McDerment of FreshBooks at SES Toronto 2009

We interviewed Mike McDerment, CEO of FreshBooks,
at Search Engine Strategies Toronto. We discussed what it takes to build a successful entrepreneurial business in Canada, and about the reluctance within the country to celebrate our own successes in the early stages.  Mike also talks about the difference between designing sites for people as opposed to designing for search engines, and the difficulty of making people-friendly content search engine optimized.

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  1. Sadie McGovern
    Sadie McGovern July 17, 2009

    I really prefer for invoicing- it’s free and does what I want, without all the configuration and sign up that FB puts you through. FB does have some advantages though if you’re running a big business and want to do detailed client tracking. As a freelancer with a 5 person shop though, Fastdue make better economic sense.
    [Editor’s Note (July 17, 2009): I’m not 100% convinced that this isn’t an astro-turfing comment. So, in the interest of fairness, I’m leaving the comment but removing the linking URL which is to the company mentioned above rather than to a personal site of “Sadie McGovern”.]

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