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Bill C-27 – A Checklist of To-Do’s

Checklist Marketers are facing increasing sophistication when it comes to ensuring the success of their email marketing campaigns. While there are several reasons why email is becoming more sophisticated, the reason that is often neglected is the evolution of email-related legislation. These rules of conduct, imposed by National and International governments, are intended to achieve customer protection while encouraging commerce.

On this front, there is a new development that marketers need to prepare for now. Specifically, Canada’s Bill C-27 (the Electronic Commerce Protection Act) is expected to become a law shortly – adding another set of rules that all marketers sending email to Canadian recipients will need to follow. These rules will be in addition to those set out in the American CAN-SPAM Act which has long served as the rules that North American marketers have followed. Bill C-27 also augments PIPEDA (Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act) which outlines a set of rules designed specifically to protect consumer privacy.

To help ensure that your email campaigns comply with the newest legislation, review the following CAN-SPAM and Bill C-27 Checklist (Download ThinData Checklist) which addresses the following six key issues – common to all email marketing campaigns: 

  • Who marketers can send email to
  • When marketers can send email
  • What marketers need to do to acquire new email subscribers
  • What needs to be in all email messages
  • What marketers need to do to accommodate recipients who don’t want to receive their emails
  • What recourse marketers can expect from recipients who don’t want to receive email

Photo Credit – lanikai92's Flickr