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Sidekicks, Angels and Kings – Week in Review – June 26, 2009

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This week's WIR curator is Kate Trgovac. Even though her favourite angel was Sabrina, Kate is still sad about the loss of Jill.

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  • Twitter cracks down on folks using automated software to follow/unfollow: (LH) #
  • 10 ways journalism schools are teaching social media (LH) #
  • Does the success of online video lie in social integration? (LH) #
  • TV ratings model to be used for online metrics? (LH) #
  • Whatever next? Facebook: the movie (LH) #
  • Excellent advice from Steve Rubel about bringing your company all-stars into the social networking space: (LH) #
  • Top 10 list of fact-challenged revelations that should be in the Facebook tell-all book (LH) #
  • Reclaiming Twitter: (LH) #
  • Long-form web content not a winner? (LH) #

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Video of the Week

It's been a tough week for celebrity passings. As we all share memories, stories and speculations across various social media, this is the one who impacted my childhood the most …