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Fruits of Our Labour – July 10, 2009 Week in Review

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New Contributors This Week
We have a new contributor this week – Janice Diner – who debuts with her write up about her experience and insights from being a judge at Cannes this year.  Welcome, Janice!

This week's WIR curator is Erin Raimondo. Erin is the intern at LintBucket Media in charge of scone acquisition and latte liberation.

Seen Around

  • In case you hadn't heard, Google is hopping into the OS game, furthering their plans of world domination, no doubt. Off the back end of Microsoft's entry into search, Google announced the development of an open source OS based on Chrome, initially to be aimed at netbooks.
  • Do you #moonfruit? Take a good idea from Squarespace and tweak it so that what's free, is actually free, and you've got this week's twitter meme – Moonfruit. The website builder has been giving away MacBook Pros left right and center, as well as handing out discretionary prizes of iPod touches for creative entries…and some of them are beauties.
  • Blogathon is coming – will you be ready?

Heard on Twitter

  • RT @martinwaxman Great post on 3 key things businesses need to embrace in order to go social, from @ambercadabra
  • RT @SarahCooley Today, slightly after noon, for one very special second, it will be 12:34:56 7/8/09

This Week's Video Meme

I'm unsure whether to be charmed or moderately terrified by the scarily advanced looking babies, but hey…it's certainly different!