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BizzWords [Multiple Reviews]

Bizzwords We gave out a lot of copies of BizzWords by Gregory Bergman during the Mini Book Expo: Business Edition. And now we're getting a lot of excellent, thoughtful reviews!

avoid clogging your inbox or RSS readers with multiple reviews of the
same book, we decided we'd compile the latest ones here for easy
access. Enjoy!

Squidgeaboo would call it a "not-quite book." Read Squidgeaboo's review…

Stacy found it "useful, with a smirk." Read Stacy's review…

And while Josh found some moments of humour, he couldn't get wholeheartedly behind the book: Formatted like a dictionary, and written like bad comedy, BizzWords purports to be "A Guide to Today's Emerging Vocabulary". There are plenty of terms that cause a chuckle, such as Dot Snot defined as a "young arrogant person who got rich by owning a dot com company" or when people stick their heads over a cubicle wall when there's noise or something interesting happening is called "prairie dogging". Read Josh's full review…

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  • ISBN-10: 1598694723   
  • ISBN-13: 978-1598694727