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Blogging Me Blogging You by Ed Lee (Blogroll)

Name of Blog:
Blogging Me Blogging You

One Line Description:
My sandbox for thinking and talking about marketing and communications – generally with social media mixed in as well.

Topics It Covers:
Social media, marketing, PR, communications, sport.


Ed Lee


Contact Deets:
e_v_lee [at] hotmail [dot] com

Three Representative Posts:

  1. Social Media Jargon Buster
  2. Crisis Communications: Dark Sites 101
  3. The Gartner Hype Cycle: What Consultants and Agencies Need to Know

Miscellaneous Notes and Accolades:

I haven't won any awards. My blog is not highly ranked. My blog is my creative outlet to try out ideas and concepts before trying them out on my clients. For my day job, I am managing director of com.motion, Veritas Communications's social media and online marketing practice.