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Ikonica [Jena Lorbach's Review]

Ikonica Jena Lorbach, as well as her friend and her husband whom she enlisted for supplementary reviews, was unimpressed with Ikonica – they all found it more of a blanket cheer for Canadian brands than a valuable look at marketing in Canada.

Here's an excerpt from her review:

I wanted to read Ikonica because it looked fun and educational for this American living in
Canada. Part coffee table book, part Canadian marketing overview, Ikonica
was not as fun as I thought it would be. I learned some stuff–there
are a few brands/companies I didn't know were Canadian (like Umbra, the
company that designed the liquid soap dispenser I bought in NYC).
Mostly, though, Ikonica is a
book that boils down to a pat-yourselves-on-the-back book for Canadian
companies (which seems to have been the purpose of Hanna and
Middleton). Readers, whether they are Canadian or not, will quickly
tire of of "Canadians are so great" statements that appear at least
three times a page.

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