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Click [Jena Lorbach's Husband's Review]

Click Jena Lorbach notes that her husband actually wrote the review – but doesn't tell us his name! If you're the mystery reviewer, leave it in the comments!

Her husband found the conversational writing style of Click to be engaging and the content valuable, even though the book read a bit like a 200 page long business card.

Here's an excerpt from his review:

"The medium is the message" (Marshall McLuhan) best describes the
impressive multi-media experience and concepts outlined by Tancer in Click.
The author does not give the nod to McLuhan. Tancer's demonstration of
data is his implied agreement with the ideas of a media-driven society,
obsessed by its own desire to know which way it will turn next. One
begins to understand, as they read, the mouse and keyboard must not be
far away.

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  • ISBN-10: 1401323049   
  • ISBN-13: 978-1401323042