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How We Lead Matters [Liv Hung's Review]

How_we_lead_matters Liv Hung found How We Lead Matters to be a different sort of CEO memoir – less about corporate strategy learned from hard business and more about the lessons the author has gleaned from her experience as a wife, mother and CEO.

Here's an excerpt from her review:

For the most part, her point comes across poignantly. We are reminded
of lessons many of us know but often forget: to try hard, and to keep
trying even if we're up against the odds. To be self-reliant and be the
one person to instigate change instead of waiting for it to happen. To
make ethical decisions and care for others, whether they be family
members, friends, your community, or children of the world. To know
humility and to rebound from hardship and failures. These themes
resonate throughout the book, and while these are no revelations of
mass proportions, her personal style and voice narrating the stories of
successes and failures struck a chord with me. Especially her ability
to be vulnerable, and in her telling of a most tragic event in her
life: the death of her teenage daughter. This openness allows the
reader to feel connected to Marilyn, and to take her advice to heart.

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