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Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain! – [Multiple Reviews]

Stick_to_drawing_comics We gave out a lot of copies of Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain! by Scott Adams during the Mini Book Expo: Business Edition. And now we're getting a lot of excellent, thoughtful reviews!

avoid clogging your inbox or RSS readers with multiple reviews of the
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Sheri S. found the book sometimes funny, sometimes confusing and occasionally offensive, but overall to be a good sort of book to leave on the nightstand to pick up when you need a laugh. Read Sheri's review…

Katie had mixed feelings about the book: I have to admit that I didn't do any research before putting my name in the hat for a copy of Scott Adams' "Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain!: Cartoonist Ignores Helpful Advice" so I thought it would be some type of humourous look at business. This was not at all the case. Instead, this book is a compilation of Scott Adams' blog posts about whatever he happens to be thinking about – or in many cases, whatever he's interested in stirring up debate over. Politics, economics, relationships, science, current events, his personal experiences …. This book is funny, scathing, and thought-provoking. Would I buy it? Not likely – especially since I can get content very much like this from reading Scott Adams' daily blog posts.

MissQ was similarly ambivalent: Scott Adams’s "Stick to Drawing Comics, Monkey Brain" is an amusing, light read. He covers a wide range of topics from the thought provoking to the downright bizarre. This collection of essays comes from posts he originally made on his blog, and you can tell. He uses a very informal, conversational style that is easy to read. I enjoyed many of these essays but some of them just annoyed me. At times, it seemed Adams was trying too hard to be funny, or just taking a not-so-funny situation and beating it until he thought it was funny. In all, I didn’t hate this book but I didn’t love it either. It’s great for a “pick up from time-to-time and read a little bit” book. But I think perhaps Adams should listen to the title of this book in future.

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