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Stopping the Presses …

It is never an easy thing to say goodbye, but the time has come to stop the virtual presses at One Degree.  As of today, October 20, 2009 we will no longer be publishing new content. 

We have been delighted to be a part of your online marketing content consumption for the last few years. To share our thinking behind this move, we’ve prepared the following Frequently Anticipated Questions:

Frequently Anticipated Questions

1. What? WHAT?!  But, why?
There are a few key reasons:
The Mercenary One:
Publishing and maintaining a site like One Degree is a lot of work. And it doesn't generate a lot of revenue. If you compare hours invested to revenue recognized, we actually make less than minimum wage.  And while we see One Degree as a labour of love, even love likes to get taken out for a nice dinner and be able to buy something frilly every now and then.
The Empty Nest One:
We feel that One Degree has introduced a number of unique voices and viewpoints to the Canadian online marketing scene. Several successful Canadian marketing and communications writers got their start at blogging on One Degree.  And we've been thrilled with their success as they have gone on to focus on their own blogs, or to write for publications other than ours.  We have enjoyed being a part of this evolution in the Canadian marketing community, but we don't feel that this growth role is as important to the community as it once was.
The David vs Goliath One:
One Degree's existence and popularity over the last few years was partially due to the dearth of great online content about the Canadian online marketing scene.  However, over the last two years, we've seen traditional marketing publications and professional associations emulate what One Degree started.  And frankly, these pubs and orgs have much deeper pockets and bench strength than we do.


2. What's Going to Happen to All the Content?

We'll definitely be keeping the URL active until the end of 2009, but likely longer than that.  There just won't be any new content published.  We will also be keeping our YouTube channel and our Flickr account.  And, if you bookmark things on Delicious, you can still add the tag "onedegree" for those folks who do subscribe to it.

We would like to thank all of our amazing contributors whose thought leadership, writing, curating and tweeting kept One Degree's content engine running and our readership informed!


3. If you're not going to publish One Degree anymore, can I have it?
Short answer: No.

Long answer: we don't want to just give it away to someone who has an immediate "ooo … I could publish it" shiny-thing reaction.  We want to ensure the content will remain live for as long as possible, that the domain remains legitimate and that the email addresses of our subscriber base aren't handed over to a spammer.  So, we're not able to just turn it over to the first person that raises their hand.  However, if you have a plan, a passion for the community and resources to invest, we'd love to talk to you.  We have a notebook full of ideas about how One Degree could evolve and continue to provide value to the Canadian online marketing community.  But taking it over and bringing either those ideas or your own to fruition will take an investment. 


4. Wait a minute, is this just a publicity stunt?

No. We are not Balloon Boy.


5. Will you be publishing a list of deadbeat advertisers who didn't pay their invoices so we can shun them or perhaps storm their offices with pitchforks and torches?
No. Well .. no. At least not on One Degree 🙂

Seriously though … we would like to thank our wonderful wonderful advertisers who not only paid their invoices but who also took the time to experiment with different ad formats and to create content that was valuable and interesting for our readers. Thank you!!

We have enjoyed our time at One Degree.  Thank you for reading, commenting and contributing to the One Degree community. 

And if you're looking for your next online marketing content fix, we heartily recommend the blogs and Twitter streams from our contributors and other thought leaders in the Canadian online marketing and communications space:

Bright Clear Canadian Voices

Our Favourite Twitterers

  • Liz Hover was the driving force behind One Degree's Twitter account.  Liz always digs up the best stuff.  Follow her!
  • Tamera Kremer – smart, savvy, opinionated.  Originator of the "tamerant" – her Twitter stream is never boring and she helps you challenge your assumptions.
  • Brad Grier was a frequent curator of our week in review posts. I always liked when Brad curated because he generally found things that were very interesting but off the beaten path.
  • Sarah Prevette is the founder of Sprouter.  Her startup experience and social-mindedness fill her Twitter stream with all kinds of interesting things.
  • Ian Capstick – Ian is in Ottawa, knows all about politics, government and online stuff. Also, funny.
  • Tris Hussey – Tris is a prolific Tweeter and a little technical, but there are always several gems in his Twitter stream.

Jobs Jobs Jobs

The Old Guard


  1. Alexa Clark
    Alexa Clark October 20, 2009

    Wow, big news. Congrats for making this choice. I’m sure it was not an easy one to make.
    I was honoured and delighted to be a part of OneDegree. Thanks for letting me participate.
    Can’t wait to see where you redirect this energy!

  2. Ken Schafer - Tucows
    Ken Schafer - Tucows October 20, 2009

    Thanks for all your hard work Kate and Rosemary! And the same to all the contributors over the years.
    I was and remain very proud of One Degree and everyone involved.

  3. Tris Hussey
    Tris Hussey October 20, 2009

    Sad to see you go … but glad I’m still a favourite Twit. 😉

  4. Maya
    Maya October 20, 2009

    This site has been a wonderful resource for me. I am sad to see it close.

  5. Bill Sweetman
    Bill Sweetman October 20, 2009

    Kate and Rosemary, you did an awesome job building on the foundation laid by Ken Schafer, and you took One Degree in new and exciting directions. You should be very proud of what you have accomplished over the last few years, and I feel honoured to have played a small role in the One Degree story. Onwards and upwards…!

  6. Jeff Lancaster
    Jeff Lancaster October 20, 2009

    It has been a wonderful ride watching the machinations of One Degree over the years. You provided a valuable for our industry here in Canada, one that will be missed.

  7. Alexandra Samuel
    Alexandra Samuel October 20, 2009

    You’ll be missed! OneDegree has been such a fantastic resource — and I can only imagine how much effort and dedication has gone into making it so useful. I appreciate your kind words about the resources on and will try to live up to your very nice note!

  8. Helen M Overland
    Helen M Overland October 20, 2009

    This is so sad to see the site go, but everyone has bills to pay. This site has been a fantastic resource and a great read for a long time. I raise my glass to you all!

  9. Trevor Stafford
    Trevor Stafford October 20, 2009

    Shame. : ( Sorry to see this go. Perhaps @trina can integrate the content and concept into adlounge in some way?

  10. Kelly Rusk
    Kelly Rusk October 20, 2009

    Very sad to hear! I think One Degree was on of the first online marketing blogs on my reader and still one of my faves. It will be missed!

  11. Joy Boyson
    Joy Boyson October 20, 2009

    Proud to have been a part of it! Ken, Kate & Rosemary — you’ve added a lot to the space and to the conversation. Thank you!

  12. Eden Spodek
    Eden Spodek October 20, 2009

    Huge news!
    Thank you both for all the hard work you put into this labour of love we all know as and for the contribution you’ve made to the Canadian digital community.
    I’m honoured to have been a part of this and thank you both for all the support you have given me any many others over the last two years since you’ve been at the helm.
    I’m sad to see you go and respect what must have been a very tough decision at the same time. Can’t wait to see your next move.
    Cheers and thank you,

  13. miro
    miro October 20, 2009

    Kate, Rosemary and everyone who contributed, thank you for sharing and your insights.

  14. Phil Barrett
    Phil Barrett October 21, 2009

    Thank you for your contributions to the Canadian digital ecosystem & for giving me a voice on occasion. The site will be missed!

  15. Kate Trgovac
    Kate Trgovac October 21, 2009

    Thank you all so much for your wonderful comments. It is really gratifying to know that One Degree has made such an impact on the community.
    And while it certainly remains a bittersweet decision, I am excited to see what phoenix rises – there is a real opportunity for the Cdn online marketing community to take the energy and momentum from this and create something new.
    Several of you have sent me emails asking what’s next for Rosemary and I. Well, first and foremost we get to concentrate on our great clients (I think some of you didn’t know that we actually have a small social media marketing firm as our day jobs).
    But, in addition to that great work, Rose has started a web series (I know some of you are already fans) and I’ve been designing a laptop bag (pictures soon to come on ) and will hopefully be spending a little more time writing on my own blog
    Thank you again for all your lovely comments and well wishes. I know that we’ll continue to be in touch (that’s what Twitter’s for, right?)

  16. Matt V @emailkarma
    Matt V @emailkarma October 21, 2009

    Thanks for letting me be part of this great community as a contributor… It’s be a great ride, and I’m sad to see it go but I completely understand.
    I’m sure I’ll see you around when you visit us out here in TO, and who knows one if these days, If I can swing it, I may drop-in on you guys out west 😉
    Thanks again!

  17. Ryan
    Ryan October 22, 2009

    Shame to see it close!
    Thanks for all of your work over the years!

  18. Trina
    Trina October 22, 2009

    Sorry to hear this news. Funny, how you don’t realize how much you truly love something until it’s gone. Our industry sincerely appreciates all of your efforts – every single one of you who has been involved in the creation of OneDegree and its content – and here’s to wishing you all the best of luck in the future.
    Kind regards, from a huge supporter & fan
    Ad Lounge

  19. Eli Singer
    Eli Singer October 26, 2009

    Long live, you will be missed.

  20. Niall Harbison
    Niall Harbison October 26, 2009

    Really bad news but you have to do what you have to do. I am sure you will free up a lot of time as I know just how hard it is to keep something like this going. It’s a real shame that you didn’t see the rewards that all your hard work deserved!

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