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About Mose …

I was working on an article about online personae last night. But as I was digging into I started to drift. It was the internet that caused this drifting. As you know, once you start surfing (I still love that term, and still love to just surf away!) you end up in many, many different places.

So, where I ended up was thus … I want to explain a bit to all you folks about who I am – this new proprietor of One Degree. I figured, you don't know me, and I thought it would be a great idea for a 'hi-how-are-ya … get-ta-know-me' piece.

If you could care less … no problemo. Read no further. Here is the best thing I have seen in recent years on the Net. Roger Ebert agrees with me! (So there!)

So, if you want to continue into the Who the hell is this Mose piece click here. (I am putting this on my own Blog not on One Degree – I am always thinking of conservation – here is proof!)

Anyway, for those that are not interested in me (Sheesh! LOL) here is a little bit of joy and wonderment Kseniya Simonova – Sand Animation – if you have found something online that tops this – leave a comment.

By the way, if you are not already following Roger Ebert (@ebertchicago) please do. He, not only can write, but is an inspiration.

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