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qualityThe following provides the guidelines for a Quality Program as determined through customer satisfaction:

Determine customer requirements

How does a company learn what its customers really want? What market segments or niches does it aim at, and how does it learn about them? This is the first step in achieving customer satisfaction. Analyses are structured to obtain information that is as specific as possible to particular product or service feature.

Manage the customer relationship

As a world class organization your philosophy hinges on the relationship rather than the sale.

Establish standards of customer service

Service standards are well thought out objective measurable levels of performance that define quality for overall service levels.

Make a commitment to the customers

By avoiding lip-service to phrases like “Quality & Customer Oriented” and providing a binding commitment towards customer satisfaction you can establish long term security and growth. “We mean business!” is built into every action.

Resolve complaints for quality improvements

Complaints are regarded as opportunities to gather more information and make improvements. Opportunities to learn and improve the systems.

Determine customer satisfaction

Through Continuous Improvement (C.I.) Programs the level and measuring stick for customer satisfaction is constantly evaluated to assure the consistent meeting of requirements.

Compare customer satisfaction results

By charting the results of measurement data, your organization determines its strengths and weaknesses on an on-going basis. Continuous Improvement is the key to growth. In addition, the successes that are tracked are invaluable.

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