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Survey says …

pieIf you scroll down a wee bit you will see a cute lil icon for our survey. It is almost as cute a this pie chart – it is Pi Day after all!  Please join in and let us know what you think..

Ok, I know scrolling  is a lot of work. Here is the Survey Link. There, see how much time I saved you?

The reason behind the survey, and I will be doing them often, is to make sure we are on track here. I have already receive some great feedback. Thank you, very much.

The Top 5 Survey Input Comments

Number 5
If this is a Canadian Blog why don't you get Pam Anderson Tweeting?
    (Ed. Well she has done pretty much everything else no?)

Number 4
One Degree should change its name it is cold enough here already – make it 70 Degrees

Number 3
I am not a fan of surveys.
    (Ed. She did finish it though.)

Number 2
Will you be in my MLM Down Line?

And the Number One response…

Who in the hell is this Juan DuGris? And why is he asking me questions!

(Above are fictitious of course, but ya knew that?)

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