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No, I did not sleep with Ann Coulter

I want to set the record straight here on a couple of things …. Oh, the line about Ann Coulter was what I call an AGD! (Attention Getting Device!) Gotcha! LOL! Anyway – read on there is some stuff that might be good for you.

I was on a panel the other night at this event run by the LOKBP. (Hopefully will have some stuff from the folks there to post here – was a great event!) Anyway, I had a great time – I always do at these things. You see, I am first and formost a ham. Fer instance … I tell folks that if I get up in the middle of the night, go to the kitchen and open the refrigerator – when the light comes on – I will give ya a twenty minute routine. (Ba dum pish!)

I am a ham. Full stop.  I am a ham, because I am a professional entertainer and musician and a paid MC – I also teach folks how to get up in front of people. (You can win a ticket to one of these sessions BTW!) Anyway, couple of things came out of the other night …plus I want  to set the record straight on the last bit.

First, is that at networking events – no one really networks? I want to point back to an article I did a while back. Also, there are some things that event organizers can do to make events like this far more network-friendly (If they want to?) but, that is a post for another day and will add that later.

Second, the social web works only if each and every one of us works it properly. There is no difference between this thing called Social Media (or whatever ya wanna call it) and real life. If you don’t clean up your room, or have a sloppy desk or are simply horrible at details – this SM stuff will fall right off the rails. God is in the details.

I liken this to when desktop publishing hit in the 80s. It was about the most atrocious thing I have ever seen. Amateur communication materials made at home, a dozen fonts used, lots of shadows – butt-ugly stuff. But, it all worked out in the end. Took a bunch of years, but all is good now – for the most part. It simply takes time. I noticed this cause all the BUZZ on the back channel at this event that concerned me, or involved me, or was directed at me was addressed to my wrong Twitter account. @mose not @themose. See details, details details!

Now, before I go any further, anyone that knows me in “meat space” (That is a term for the real world.) will know that I am not a self promoter. Not my point in writing this.

The point I am making is that SM is, in fact, just like real life. Think about those implications for a while. In fact, I have a post coming about that. I am wrestling with it quite a bit. Stay tuned.

Third, I was called a Guru.

Hardly! Sheesh!!! I am simply someone who has been around a while. I am pushing 60 so that represents 40 years of working. In my case, working all over the place. I have simply experienced some stuff. That does not make me a Guru. I do know one difference is that I love to be up in front of folks presenting – but that is not being a Guru. I know that cause I have worked with real Gurus! Peter Zarry, Tom Suiter, Lee Iacoca. Look em up. They are/were Gurus. Pas moi. Now, that, that is out of the way. It was credited to me that I predicted this … (Here is the setting things straight bit!)

Well, I don’t think I said that? What I did say, if I remember correctly, regarding traditional agencies, was that until the current generation of owners and managers die, or retire, we will not see traditional agencies adopting, embracing and fully utilizing this Net thing, let alone SM. Traditional agencies will not be going away.

You youngsters coming up REALLY, get this. The next generation of kids coming up behind you REALLY, REALLY get this.

Get it?


  1. Jijesh
    Jijesh March 25, 2010

    I enjoyed your style and (most of) your substance at the LOKBP event.
    Looking forward to learning from you at the CMA event.

  2. mose
    mose March 25, 2010

    How kind! Thank you.
    I believe that is we all agree with each other this world would be a very dull place!

  3. Lucia Mancuso
    Lucia Mancuso March 26, 2010

    Regardless of what people thought you said, what you did say was awesome and I’m looking forward to hearing you speak in the future, This time I’ll hoot, holla, fist pump, whatever I see fit in the moment and I won’t hold back.

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