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March Moleskine Wrap-up

When you get surprised, it is always a lovely thing.

I spoke with Erica Glasier a few weeks back in roundabout terms re One Degree and my love for original content, art, cartoons and the like. She was introduced to me as a fabulous Blogger and artist. I went to her site and …  oh my, yes she is.

We chatted about a couple of ideas and I mentioned my love for Moleskine notebooks. I always have one with me and a collection around here of all sorts of sizes. No this isn't some ad. Do yourself a favour go pick one up. Very good for the creative process!

Well, here is the March Wrap-up done Moleskine-style (it is clickable) a la Erica Glasier. Now I am rushing this to get it into March posts. To give it the prominence it so rightly deserves. CLICK HERE to see the full sized image on my site in all its glory. I will see later if TypePad will let me do pop ups of some sort – but for now enjoy!

And Erica … thank you so very much!

march moleskin
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