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Thank you

I want to take a moment here on the last day of our first, full-month back in operation to extend a sincere thank you.The Tweets, the emails, phone calls and your support are greatly appreciated.

Our site traffic this month was very. very impressive, the articles that were submitted were thought provoking (Thank you contributors!) and the comments much appreciated. Keep em coming!

As we get moving, we will be adding some new features, some new sections and, well, more stuff.

If there is something you would like to see here on One Degree, or maybe something you don't want … please drop me a line (mose [at] onedegree [dot] ca) – I read all correspondence and promise to reply.

Please follow us on Twitter (@onedegree)   and Facebook.

And, once again …  many, many thanks.


PS … No April Fools jokes tomorrow. (Unless ya have a really good one!)

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