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Best of the Decade

I saw that at this year's Marketing Awards they will be picking out the Best of the Decade ad campaign. You can go here to pick your favorite.

It got me thinking … what is a great ad? Here is a short primer …

Have a look at your ads. Take a gander and ask yourself the following questions.

  1. Is there one big idea?
  2. Does the ad discriminate you from your competitors?
  3. Does the ad involve the target customer?
  4. Does the ad establish a relationship with the customer?
  5. Is it credible – is it genuine?
  6. Is it simple and clear?
  7. Does it integrate the Brand name with the central idea?
  8. Does it take full advantage of the medium?
  9. Is the idea campaignable?
  10. Does it build the personality of your Brand?
  11. Does your ad offer a major benefit – is it specific or vague?
  12. Is the benefit easy to grasp, can the audience get it at a glance?
  13. Does the attention getting element in the ad draw the audience to the benefit – or is it a gimmick for its own sake?
  14. Can readers identify with the copy and the visuals?
  15. Is the ad logically organized?
  16. Does the copy really create a desire to own or use the product/service?
  17. Is the copy believable?

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