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Month: June 2010

Privacy Concerns are Standing in the Way of a Personalized World

I recall sitting at a breakfast group meeting at the Marshes in Ottawa ten years ago almost to the day. I can not for the life of me remember who was speaking, but the topic of the discussion has stayed with me all these years.

That morning all in attendance gasped and ooh'd and aww'd about the promise of data mining. We were told that in a year or two we would experience some wonderful things as consumers. You would stay at a Hilton, and during your stay, you would order and orange juice to our room in the morning. At your next stay at any Hilton, a call would come from the front desk in the morning to ask you if I would like your orange juice like your last stay. You would be able to walk into a bookstore like Chapters and as you paid at the cash, and they recalled your customer information, the cashier would list off some new releases of your favourite authors or music artists. This is simply not happening in the real world. It is barely happening in the virtual world. And there really is no excuse for that.


Interview with Louise Clements – One Degree 5 Questions

As a professional marketer specializing in public relations, I was thrilled to have the opportunity to chat with Louise Clements, the new SVP, Managing Director of the award-winning digital marketing agency, Twist Image. 

Twist Image develops strategies, campaigns and platforms that build and maintain your brand online. The agency has 100 original thinkers in offices in Montreal and Toronto and is known throughout the industry for Six Pixels of Separation, its forward-thinking blog, podcast and best-selling book.

Louise Clements recently joined Twist Image after leaving Facebook as Head of Sales for Canada.  Louise has an extensive background in digital marketing including senior positions managing the digital properties of Rogers Media, AOL, Sympatico and Bell Globemedia.

I asked her 5 questions about her new position and thoughts on digital marketing. Enjoy!