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Develop the Creative Craft Part III

Light_bulb To improve your personal creativity you might include the following steps.

  • First set a measurable goal. Some goals might be: to generate 10% more solutions within 6 months  to come up with an original solution for problem "X" within 2 weeks  to practice generating ideas by brainstorming (for example, "find at least 50 ideas for a new product")  
  • Second, set up criteria to indicate whether or not you have or are reaching your goal. Typical criteria are:  a) the ideas are novel (in that particular context)  b) the ideas are useful, they solve the problem or meet the challenge  c) the ideas can be implemented within an appropriate time and budget

Third, read and learn about creativity techniques. This information can be gathered from books, conferences, other people, software products and online. Spend time with people who you believe are creative and ask them how they did it. There are many paths to creativity.

  • Fourth, surround yourself with people who love and respect you; people who encourage you to take risks.
  • Fifth, celebrate your progress in reaching your creativity goals.
  • Finally, begin thinking of yourself as a creative person. Surround that identity with beliefs about your creative abilities. Learn the skills of creativity, act creatively every opportunity you get and find environments that support creative behavior.
  • Flood yourself with information in your chosen area of creativity then deliberately expose yourself to information outside your area. 

    Practice meditation or some kind of peaceful, relaxing activity or quiet exercise. Avoid becoming too entrenched in your routines.

    Don't allow your beliefs to distort your perceptions. A useful technique is to deliberately and consciously attempt to integrate opposites at every opportunity within your own mind. Develop the attitude that your creative work is important even if others do not share your belief; allow such judgmental attitudes to be their problem, not yours. Practice using affirmations and re-framing (seeing things from another angle or in another context) to de-program your self critical habits.

    Creativity is not a gift of some sort, it is a state of being. Learning a creativity-increasing technique of some sort will give you some tools and help you, but will not automatically change your point of view about yourself and your creativity; your belief and value systems about creativity and creativity myths must change as well.

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