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Month: July 2010

“The cheapness of man is every day's tragedy”

That title is from a quote from Emerson …

I was checking Tweets and saw Dave Fleet (@davefleet) quipped that Apple had shipped 3 iPhones to Canada… thanks Steve! Very funny, made me think …

Over the years in dealing with numerous companies, one of the better quips I heard from a client was that their American parent company viewed Canada like a bad version of Ohio, but cheap!

On top of that, the other day in the car, the radio reported on a new research study that stated Canadians view price as the #1 factor over customer service when buying a product, and CS lagged well-behind in second place. Duh! Who didn’t know that? What, are ya new?


Is Facebook Search a Google Killer?

Here is an interesting guest post from David Benoliel

Facebook_kills_google_with_search More and more websites are starting to implement the “like” functionality that Facebook released earlier this year, but what does this really mean to you as an organization? We don’t need to worry about Google going out of business any time soon, but what does this mean to the business of Search Engines? And more importantly the investments that companies make in marketing through them.

In April of this year Facebook launched the Open Graph protocol which allows a standard web site to place a “like” or “recommend” button below a content posting.