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Month: August 2010

How To Learn Affiliate Marketing

Guest post from Sam Bakker …

Many internet marketers get online in the hope of making money however a lot fail because they don’t take the time to first of all learn affiliate marketing.

Affiliate marketing is an essential step in a beginner’s development in the internet marketing industry and without the knowledge of how to become a successful affiliate marketer it is very difficult for a newcomer to sell their own products.


The Empowered Consumer, the Free Internet and a Powerful Search Engine

Cindy_Crawford_01 When we say the consumer has changed the way they buy, it’s more than how they Google and educate themselves on a topic before they “enter the market” to buy – although that’s a major change in itself. Ask any store clerk who sells consumer electronics. They’ll tell you the average consumer knows as much about the technology they sell as they do! Or at least has educated themselves enough that they think they do. This alone would be a great reason to change the way we go to market but there are other levels of impact not even considered in this initial equation.

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