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Month: November 2010

Using Social Media in the Foreign Language Internet

By Christian Arno

The use of social media is now an established strategy in online marketing. However, for many English-speaking marketers and business owners the idea of running social media campaigns across different cultures is daunting. Here are some pointers to help you begin your cross-cultural social media marketing.

The global social media landscape
To succeed in cross-cultural social media marketing, you need to familiarise yourself with the global social media landscape by researching emerging trends and identifying social media hotspots. Australia, for example, has one of the highest levels of social media engagement in the world, with Australians spending an average of nearly 7 hours on social networks each month. Likewise, in Latin America and China social media is experiencing massive growth.

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Don't Just Update Your Audience. Engage!

I was speaking with a client the other day who wanted very badly for us to create him a business page on Facebook. The first question I ask a client who asks for this is "what is it for?" Invariably, the response is "you tell me, you're the expert and everyone seems to have one. I feel like we're missing out."

I'm not going to lie. While Facebook can and should be a very useful medium for most if not all brands, Facebook, or any other social network you may want to utilize in a social media marketing plan needs a real engaging content strategy and a budget to go with it. 


Finding Left Handed Monkey Wrenches for Left Handed Plumbers

Co-founder of Hub Spot, Dharmesh Shah says, the internet is great at connecting makers of left-handed monkey wrenches with left-handed plumbers around the world.

But the makers of left-handed monkey wrenches must:

  1. be very clear that they make left-handed monkeys wrenches
  2. not tell everyone about their full line of wrenches, hammers, screwdrivers and saws
  3. talk directly to left-handed plumbers and not be tempted to include right-handed plumbers, general contractors, the owners of hardware stores, the local handymen across America and anyone else interested in buying any household or industrial tool.

Inbound Marketing is, like the internet itself, far more efficient. Shah’s partner, Brian Halligan uses the example of eBay. Apparently the Founder started it because he wanted to expand the number of people to trade PEZ dispensers with, after he had traded with his entire rolodex.