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Month: December 2010

Happy Holidays

At this time of year we gather with friends and family and celebrate the holidays in so many different ways.

IStock_000010911941XSmall This time of year, for me at least, is a time to conjure up some great memories …

One memory sticks with me forever – it was probably my best Christmas.

I was around 10 years old and during the commotion around our house I snuck out during the day when all the adults were fussing over the dinner preparations.


Developing the Creative Craft Part VIII

The following is an excerpt from John Culvenor and Dennis Else – Engineering Creative Design

White Hat on the Hats

There are six metaphorical hats and the thinker can put on or take off one of these hats to indicate the type of thinking being used. This putting on and taking off is essential. The hats must never be used to categorize individuals, even though their behavior may seem to invite this. When done in group, everybody wear the same hat at the same time. 

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